About us

Established in 1969, Farmaka is an independent R&D and licensing healthcare company.
We operated initially as a licensing link for pharmaceutical products between Japan and Italy, licensing–in from major pharma companies for registration and marketing through international sub-licensees. In the early 80’s, Farmaka began a research program leading to the issuance of several product patents. Today, our lean organization allows us to rapidly respond to acquire the latest technologies, create opportunity from expired patents, and react to regulatory change.
Our portfolio includes several innovative, proprietary OTCs ranging from patented mouthwashes to topical medical devices.
We create simple solutions to unmet patient needs, and most of our products are already revenue generating, thanks to our recognized international partners.
We can act as a fully-integrated general contractor of turn-key projects and are amenable to flexible business relationships, including know-how transfer, licensing and distribution agreements.



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